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2019 Food Trends

2019 Food Trends

Even though it’s already February – it’s not too late to do a food trends blog post, is it? Hopefully not! As purveyors of the finest gourmet food products from around the world, you could say we are food obsessed. In a good way of course. And a more satisfying obsession does not exist. Food to us means family, friends, comfort, and fun. In a nutshell, it’s everything. Sharing a meal with those you love, and even with strangers, creates a bond, especially if the food is delicious and prepared with the finest ingredients, and made with love. So what’s on the food horizon for 2019? We decided to take a quick look to see what’s in store. Here’s to a tasty 2019!

Jams and Jellies

While a delightful spread for your morning toast is nothing new, it looks as though in 2019, consumers are searching for more interesting jams and jellies, and even taking to their kitchens to experiment with homemade spreads.

Over the last several years, Americans have come to realize that processed foods have not contributed anything at all to our health and wellness. As a matter of fact, they have been detrimental. As a result, many foodies have decided to try their hand at some homemade jams and jellies and skip the added sugars and preservatives. This goes not only for jams and jellies but also for salad dressings and condiments. There is a definite homemade spread movement.

This is great news because it opens the door for more exotic flavor options. It also encourages consumers to try spreads from other countries, where preservative and additive use is a fraction of what it is in the US.

Small Plates, Grazing Tables, and Tapas

When we think of portion control, visions of diets dance in our heads. But the 2019 small plate trend does not go hand in hand with deprivation. On the contrary, it’s the perfect way to get a taste of everything, without feeling like every meal is an over-indulgence.

Similar to the Spanish tapas traditions of many small plates filled with a variety of flavors and textures, the grazing tables of today’s dinner parties include nuts, cheeses, cured meats, fruits, breads, veggies, and dips. All of these choices make diners not only feel adventurous, but don’t force everyone to clean their plates of a three course meal they may never have chosen on their own. Small plates and grazing tables offer quality over quantity and make dining fun again.

Globally Inspired Breakfast

Move over 3-egg Denver omelet. Breakfast is going global in 2019. Breakfast ideas inspired by Georgia (the country that is – not the state), the Philippines, Mexico, and China, just to name a few, are finding their way to American breakfast tables.

Yes, some of the ingredients are recognizable; including eggs, cheese and bread, but their preparation is what will give them that international flare. Imagine adding chili paste and rice to a breakfast wrap for a Chinese twist. How about the Georgian classic (two dishes combined) known as Ajaruli Ketse Bostneulib with its own take on bread, eggs, and cheese?  Carnitas with your Eggs Benedict? Si por favor!  And how about grilling Spam for breakfast? You would fit right in in the Philippines.  Breakfast is adored the world over, and these tasty dishes are proof.

No Phones While Eating

Perhaps the most joyful trend for 2019 (although we’ll believe it when we see it!), is disconnecting while eating. It’s no secret that many Americans complain that no one talks anymore. No one just enjoys their food or drinks their coffee at Starbucks. They always have their heads down looking at their smart phones, answering texts and emails during mealtime and only halfway participating in human interactions.

If this trend holds, the world will be better for it. Human connection is lacking in our smart phone obsessed world. It’s impossible, even for the generations that grew up without Apple, to imagine life without real time everything. But what makes eating so enjoyable, besides the wonderful aromas, flavors, and textures, is the way it brings people together. Food equals celebration, so let’s hope that these 2019 trends help inspire new dishes and traditions and bring us all back together.  Really together, no phones allowed.