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Chocolate Gift Pack - Minka Coffee collection

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Chocolate Gift Pack - Minka Coffee collection


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$29.99 / one-time payment
Product Description
  • 5 Bars; 1.76oz (50 g) each
  • from Ecuador
  • Arabica coffee + 100% pure chocolate
  • Coffee infused collection, the perfect pairing for both chocolate and coffee lovers

The coffee collection is composed of 5 different bars, each one emulating the flavor of a different coffee drink in order from the most bitter to the sweetest: Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Mocaccino, and Cappuccino.

You will feel the same flavor when trying the chocolate bars as when trying any of the coffee drinks mentioned above.

The coffee used is Arabica coffee, and it is toasted and coarsely grinded.  That is to say that it does not contain artificial flavors and is made with chocolate and coffee only.  These bars are also made with “Fino de Aroma” cocoa, and are not compound chocolates but rather 100% pure.

Minka (La Minga) means working together in Quechua native language. Following this spirit Minka transfers the value of its high quality chocolate to the local farmers to ensure everybody shares the benefits of a sustainable partnership harvesting the best cocoa beans.

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