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World Cup of Foods 2018

World Cup of Foods 2018

            The World Cup kicks off on Thursday, June 14, 2018 and it is a thrilling time for many around the world. Since soccer is the most played sport in the world, it makes sense that the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. It’s a time to cheer on your home country, or adopted country, or just your favorite international team, even if you’re not from that particular country. It’s a time to invite friends and family over to watch as well and get into the spirit of the matches. So what might a World Cup 2018 party look like in different parts of the world? What are some of the traditional dishes that might be served for guests as they watch the action? Let’s take a look at what might be on the table during this 2018 World Cup.


          It’s only right to start our World Cup of Foods with host country, Russia. If you want a game-time sandwich, you’ll most likely get it served on special braided bread called kalach. Kalach is served all over the country and stuffed with anything you can stuff in a roll, including cheeses, meats, veggies and pates. If a sandwich roll is too thick, you might want to try a flatter pie called chudu. This unleavened dough is spread with an herb cheese and served like a crepe. You’ll also get a wide selection of seafood at a Russian World Cup soiree including anchovies, mussels, garfish, and red mullet. Sprinkle some lemon juice and taste the Black Sea. In keeping with the starchy theme but also appealing to the sweet tooth, try pyshki. These sweet doughnuts are sprinkled with powdered sugar and served everywhere. You’ll need to run on a soccer field for quite some time to run off all of those carbs!


          We can’t have a World Cup food tour without including last World Cup’s winner, Germany. No German party is complete without sausages, lots of sausages. Bratwurst, currywurst, frankfurter, weitwurst, or bockwurst. Served with sauerkraut or on their own, all of these German specialty sausages pack a huge punch of flavor. And don’t forget the wiener schnitzel. It may not be a finger food, but it’s definitely a party favorite. For the starch factor, onion pretzel rolls dipped in mustard will hit the spot. And don’t forget a bite of sweet. Fried dumplings with vanilla sugar are perfect when you’re ready to end the meal. But you’ll most likely continue the festivities with German beer, arguably the best and most potent beer in the world. Bottoms up!


          No Mexican party would be complete without a few key ingredients. Where there is Mexican food, there must be avocado and salsa. These two smooth and spicy staples will brighten up any gathering and put every attendee in a festive mood. And what would a party be without cheese and tortillas added to the mix? Melt some cheese, add some grilled steak, and smother with salsa. Now that is a party anyone would be thrilled to attend. It doesn’t even matter what the outcome of the match is, (ok, maybe it matters just a little bit), Mexican food is just so good. The spicier the better.  Sopapillas with chocolate, flan, churros with cinnamon and sugar.  Mexican desserts are as unforgettable as their savory options.  When watching the World Cup in Mexico, if the end result is not what was hoped for, there is no need to feel sad.  There can still be joy and there can be more great food.  And of course, you can always have another margarita.


          Italians take their food, and their soccer, very seriously. Like the colors of their flag, green, white, and red foods can take center stage at an Italian World Cup get together. A plate of mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and basil does the trick, and it’s tasty. Add some prosciutto for extra protein and you have a full fledged Italian smorgasbord. You can’t forget the fun, as in, the carbs. Crunchy bread or breadsticks to snack on or some crostini as a cheese and tomato delivery vehicle will hit the spot. Cooked pasta might be hard to eat, so it’s best to stick with the antipasto finger foods. A nice bottle of red wine and some olives round out the platter and the experience. When it’s time for dessert, can you ever go wrong with cannoli? The short answer is no.

          Our World Cup of Foods tour only covers a fraction of the countries that will be a part of an amazing sport spectacular. All over the globe, citizens will get together with family and friends and share some food, drink, and laughter, while they cheer on their national team. These traditions are a great way to showcase the fabulous and unique dishes of every nation, and of course a chance to enjoy life as well as food. Congratulations and best of luck to all the teams!