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​Unique Holiday Gifts from the Wall Street Journal – 50 Winning Presents

​Unique Holiday Gifts from the Wall Street Journal – 50 Winning Presents

When the Wall Street Journal published its Gift Guide for 2018, called “50 Winning Presents – From Understated to Over-The-Top,” we were thrilled because Caviar Polanco was among the products featured. As the exclusive importer of Caviar Polanco to the US, we were delighted to see an exquisite product get this well-deserved recognition and praise. Polanco Caviar was in good company as well, with some very interesting holiday gift suggestions. In addition to caviar, you might also want to consider these gifts for the special people in your life (or for yourself)!

Blissed Out

The Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland offers a spa experience like no other. It serves up traditional spa treatments but it takes the concept of “get away” to another level. Swimming in its volcanic geothermal waters with the breathtaking scenery of the country itself, you don’t need much else to put you in a blissed out state of mind. The rooms are sparse as opposed to ostentatious so you’re not distracted by anything and can focus on the joy of being in one of the most beautiful spots on earth while enjoying a cooling facial or in-water massage. Where do I sign?

The Test of Time

Long before there was Teflon, there was a natural nonstick cooking pan that came without the toxic chemicals. Cast iron cookware is the gold standard when it comes to evenly cooking your food and giving every meal a glorious color and taste. The Field Company did a ton of research to make this classic cookware even better while keeping it GMO free. The end result is a set of heavenly cast iron pans as smooth as silk and as light as a feather (well, as light as cast iron can be)!

I’d Rather Be Traveling

At Fine Taste Club, travel is our obsession. We know many people feel the same and long for some solid guidance as they plan their trips abroad. British travel and style magazine Cereal has created travel guides that cull the best of every destination and keep it simple. Many guide books are over packed with small print suggestions that are at times so overwhelming, the only thing you want to do is leave the book on the train. But the Cereal guides get to the heart of it and there’s no padding. It’s just solid advice on where to eat and sleep and what to see.


We always encourage opening a bottle of champagne for any number of occasions, including when you’re eating Caviar Polanco! And collecting champagne glasses and flutes makes sipping the bubbly even more fun. The Wall Street Guide featured a couple of architectural champagne coupes made in the Czech Republic that are simply stunning. has a wide selection of unique and magnificent champagne and wine glasses that would be a beautiful addition to any curio. Champagne and caviar. Now that’s heaven.

It was such an honor to be included in this holiday gift giving guide with so many other wonderful products. We knew Caviar Polanco was something special when we first introduced it to the US market. It’s nice to know so many people agree! Champagne wishes and caviar dreams – and lots of other cool stuff. The holidays are really here!