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Turrón de Jijona - A Timeless Spanish Delicacy

Turrón de Jijona - A Timeless Spanish Delicacy

          What do you get when you masterfully combine marcona almonds with honey, sugar and egg whites? In the province of Alicante in Spain you get turrón. If you are familiar with this iconic Spanish sweet treat, you’ll most likely be familiar with the hard nougat known as turrón de Alicante. But there is another equally delicious soft nougat made in the town of Jijona. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of this town’s population dedicates itself to the production and distribution of turrón, making it indispensable to the local economy. It is also a source of great pride and produced with much love and care – which is evidenced by its delicious flavor.

          Turrón is an essential offering found on any table in Spain during Christmas time, but its consumption is not limited to the month of December. It’s enjoyed year round and is a must-taste if you are traveling to Spain and want to partake of a quintessentially Spanish treat. Depending on your palate, you may want the more brittle turrón de Alicante, but if you want an almond nougat that melts in your mouth, you’ll be drawn to the softer turrón de Jijona. The difference between the soft and the hard turrón is all in the almonds. Turrón de Jijona uses a higher percentage of almonds in its recipe, and instead of just being broken up, the almonds are pulverized so that their oils are released. This oil gives turrón de Jijona its smooth flavor and soft texture.

          Turrón has been made in Jijona since the mid-16th century. Its production was inspired by the Moors, who invaded Spain in the early Middle Ages and brought with them this almond dessert. It was an instant hit and its popularity spread across Europe. Today Spain is the largest exporter of turrón, while still maintaining its high quality production with attention to detail (include packaging by hand).

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