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The Gift of Food

The Gift of Food

     Here at Fine Taste Club, we are hopeless foodies, so maybe we’re biased, but it seems to us that there is no greater gift than the gift of food. There are many occasions in life when a gift is absolutely appropriate, but the gift giver is completely stumped as to what they should give. Do they know the person well? Are they trying to impress? What message do they want to send with their gift?

     Regardless of the potential recipient – you have a good chance of hitting a home run with a food box. If you know the person well, and they’re a food lover, you can put together an array of their favorites. If you know a person well and you know they love to travel, you can test out some authentic exotic favorites they may have never tried or even heard of. If you don’t know the person well, and the gift is more of a formality, you can prepare a gourmet box filled with the classics. With an assortment of meats, cheeses, and chocolates, you nailed it automatically. Who doesn’t love one or all of those gourmet selections?

     With a food box ordered online, there is no need to pace the aisles or walk the mall looking for something that stands out. The sheer selection available to the online shopper makes storefront shopping for gifts unnecessary. From the comfort of your home you can peruse the offerings and put together the perfect gift. These gifts will be packaged attractively and sent anywhere you need them to go. It’s simple, satisfying, and stress free.

     Statistics show that the gift of food is on the rise. Corporate gift giving accounts for the highest percentage of food gifts, so much so that many online purveyors of food gifts have designed specific lines with the corporate gift giver in mind. This is an $18 billion dollar business – consumer and corporate combined – so this trend is here to stay! The cold weather seems to be the busiest season for the gift of food, and birthdays are the most popular occasion, but food gifts are appropriate any time of the year and for any reason.

     Next time you have to find a great gift, don’t forget that food is an option. You can put together a varied selection of items with a specific theme, or you can choose a country, or a single type of food. You can even do a combination of all three. And if you want to go next level, consider a food box subscription service. It’s the delicious gift that keeps on giving. Food brings people together. It creates memories and for many, evokes happy times from the past. It’s something that everyone can enjoy, young and old. Even though we all need it to survive, we never see it as a chore. Instead it’s an endless pleasure.

     The gift of food – it’s a winner.