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Love You Mom!

Love You Mom!

     Every May when the weather has turned for good (we hope!) and the flowers are starting to bloom, we get to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s hard for most of us to express exactly how important our mom is to us or how much we appreciate her. She gives so much and asks for so little in return. No matter what we do, where we are in our lives, or what happens to us, our mom is on our side. We have a cheerleader for life. When searching for the perfect gift for someone so special, there is a tendency toward paralysis by analysis. The best strategy may be to just take a step back and simplify. Whatever you’re thinking of doing, put yourself in your mom’s shoes before you make your decision. What would she really want on her day?

Home Is Where The Heart Is

     You’ve heard about a great new brunch place that opened up just 20 minutes away. Wouldn’t it be great to get a reservation there and surprise mom with a hard won table? Yes, of course, a wonderful meal at a trending hot spot is always fun, but maybe mom would like to kick her feet up and stay home for a change. Maybe a better option would be if you cooked her a meal instead of making her get all dolled up to face traffic and crowds.

     Imagine using the finest ingredients you can get your hands on to create your Mother’s Day Masterpiece, a pasta dish to end all pasta dishes perhaps. Who doesn’t love a great pasta dish? Forget the carb count – there are convincing arguments that low carb is not the healthiest way to go! Plus, those crazy rules governing the elimination of an entire food group do not apply on weekends or holidays period.

     So grab a rich and luscious Spanish EVOO, boil some flavor-infused pasta (can you say truffles!), and smother it with an organic Alfredo sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese. Toss a green salad with fresh veggies and homemade balsamic vinaigrette for some crunch and don’t forget dessert! A good rule of thumb is the more decadent the better: a rich dark chocolate offering or a creamy crème brulee. You can’t really go wrong when you cook from the heart – and with the best ingredients. Make a meal she won’t forget, and it will be a Mother’s Day she will cherish.

Mother’s Day Should Be Mother’s Day Off

     The theme for Mother’s Day should be making her life easier. The first step is to offer your services. Offer to do the laundry. Cook her that amazing meal and clean up afterwards. Offer to run errands for her. If she does want to go out, offer to be her chauffer so she can enjoy a day of pampering at the spa and not have to drive. When you bring her home, have that amazing meal waiting for her. And if she wants to be left alone, honor her wishes and let her have a day to herself, whatever that may look like.

     Let’s face it, the standard gifts of flowers, candy and a card are nice of course. So is the latest pair of sunglasses, purse, or efficiency tech gadget. But if you put yourself in mom’s shoes, and take your thoughtfulness to the next level, you will come to realize that the gifts of time and effort are the most valued. A delicious elegant meal cooked and served at home for her pleasure and a day where she runs the show and absolutely everything is done for her, will trump almost anything. And there’s always next year to get more “stuff.”

     Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms!